Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monk Beer and Unpacking

Friday night I made tacos with my roommate (best idea ever) and then we went to this brewery/restaurant for drinks with a couple of her friends. Her friend promised it's the best beer in Prague.

This place has beer hand-crafted by monks and it's heavenly. (You know you laughed.)
They have an amber, a dark, and an IPA all the time and then they have a few seasonals. I'm not too crazy about the one they have now which has a sort of banana-y taste. (Little-known fact: I'm not really a fan of banana-flavored things and don't really like actual bananas that much either, though with a few exceptions.)

I'm pretty excited though because they have a new beer coming out for Shrovetide (FAT TUESDAY!) and that's also around the time that Czech Carnival starts. 

I think monk beer might be a new regular occurrence in my life.

Saturday I started decorating my room and trying to reorganize it because, although I only unpacked a few days ago, it's crazy up in here. I have way too many papers and seriously no room to put anything. I'm hoping my landlord will decide that giving me a bookshelf is totally a great idea because that would make a world of difference.

Until then, here's a list of pros and cons about unpacking that I started putting together the other day.

Things that are great about unpacking:
  • I was freaking ecstatic when I found a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese. I could eat for three days off of that stuff.
  • Finding all the stuff that my friends sent me or that reminds me of my friends since I left.
  • Planning in my head all the stuff I'm going to put on my walls once I buy some sticky tac and tape. (Concrete walls... good times) (I now have sticky tac, tape and stuff on my walls.)
  • The relief that comes with knowing I have enough contact solution, lotion, vitamins, deodorant, and bandages to last me through the soonest apocalypse. I could open a drug store and charge a fortune for this stuff.
Things that suck about unpacking:
  • I realized I have far too many shoes, especially for a girl who tends to move every year (and pack up her crap for 6 months... Poor shoes.)
  • I also have far too many books for any person who moves to a different continent every year.
  • Finding all the dresses I can't wear for at least three months.
  • Realizing I don't have nearly enough room for all this crap and I should've left it in the boxes until I remedied that situation.
 But I should be lesson planning for new classes. Check out the week I have ahead.

This is honestly tame. I'm getting two more 7:30a.m. classes in two weeks plus an intensive course with Czech Airlines in the middle of the day as well as a couple more classes on Thursday afternoon. Good times.


  1. I can totally relate - I brought over 6 pairs of heels that I NEEDED TO BRING..oh really, they haven't been worn once. Dresses? Ya right, haven't put one of those on either. Ohh, the mistakes of a first timer.

    Next year my shoes and clothes are being replaced with packed brown sugar, Italian dressing, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, stove top stuffing..the list goes on and on and on, haha!

  2. You sound like a very busy person. I think I would pass out from the stresses of moving that often!


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