Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secrets I Will Tell

I have a secret. It's a big secret. People in America would flip out if this situation were reversed.

Until about 10 a.m. today, I was technically an illegal immigrant.

Let's debrief.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chats With Seester

me:  uhm, the hotel you booked in vienna says COMPLIMENTARY MINI BAR
did i read that right?
 Gwen:  Most do.  :-)
 me:  i thought most places you pay for the stuff in the mini bar
which is why i never touch the stuff
i'm afraid of those prices
and [there's] a freaking crystal chandelier [!]
what up!
i'm so not classy enough for this place
i'm 25 and my friends like to mix boxed wine with coca-cola
 Gwen:  Clarification: most in Vienna offer complimentary mini-bar
 me:  ex.ci.ted.
 Gwen:  Vienna isn't a dive bar.
 me:  neither is prague
just my life 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pražský Hrad

I've been to Prague Castle about a hundred times since I've lived in Prague (Nearly six months! Woot!) because we don't have castles where I'm from and so every time I see it I'm like "EEK!". (Typical American reaction.) But I've never paid the cash to actually go inside stuff. I usually just walk about the general area and marvel at everything. There was the one time I went inside St. Vitus Cathedral, but it's free as long as you stay in the back portion of the church where you have to use your zoom for pictures.

Part of the reason I had been holding out on spending the dough is that I knew eventually I would have visitors and they would want to go. I don't want to pay for this 12 thousand times. It ain't cheap. At least not on my salary.

So I finally got a visitor and he was uber-excited about Prague Castle so we forked out the money to get to go inside and see stuff. I have to say, it was actually worth it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Illusions of Glamour

So people have this idea that I (and those like me) lead a super glamorous life or something. I'm not really sure where they got that idea. (Couldn't be this blog. I mean really...)


Sure, I live in Europe in the center-ish of a major capital city. I go out with my friends all the time. I'm learning (yet) a(nother) foreign language and their are lots of hot European men. But don't get me wrong, this is not a super posh life.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chats With Seester... Continued

Four weeks until my sister gets here. I can't wait!
Gwen: "I'm trying to learn basic Czech phrases!" 
Me: "Yay!"
Gwen: "(hard!)" 
Me: As long as you can say "Dobry den," "Děkuju," "Na Shledanou," and "Jedno pivo prosim," you'll be fine.

Really, what else do you need to know besides, "Hello," "Thank you," "Bye," and "One beer please," when visiting the Czech Republic?