I lived in Taiwan for just less than 14 months. 

While there I taught English to children, studied Chinese and learned a lot about myself. I always considered myself a strong, independent person but living in Taiwan really tested me. It's amazing how much you learn to fend for yourself when there is an extreme language barrier (I couldn't even look at words and kind of figure out what they meant like I would be able to with French or Italian. Chinese is a whole other beast.)

Originally, I planned to go to Taiwan, teach English and blog for a year and then go home. I think the idea was to wait out the economy. That plan got complicated for a couple of reasons though. 

I fell in love with teaching and the economy didn't exactly make the come back I was hoping for. I have since planned to move on and continue teaching and blogging.

I loved all of the experiences I had in Taiwan, including the rain and typhoons and earthquakes. I'm delighted I was able to share my experience with the world through my blog and I hope I can continue doing so throughout the rest of my travels.

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