Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Awesome. (Yeah, you read that right.)

Two days in the Prague — yes, the Prague — and who has a job?

That's right: I do.

So I knew there was a good reason I wasn't too nervous about coming over here without having something in writing saying I had a job. Remember when I first went home in October and I had a job within a day and a half or so? Yeah.

I don't really know what it is. I don't know if that one year of previous overseas teaching experience did it or what. But hey, apparently I'm likable in interviews and my CV — resume for you American folks — is the vehicle that gets me sitting in front of important people.

I had two interviews yesterday and one today and I was offered all of the positions. (See, I'm awesome. You can't argue with that logic.)

I took the first one because it was just a couple of light classes (one-on-ones with children). I told the second I wanted to think it over because she was offering a lot of hours but still not quite enough... and it's way out in BFE Davle which it takes something like an hour to get to.

I really loved the woman who owns the school though and I seriously love the idea of continuing to teach kids.

Anyway, the interview I went to today was at a larger school in the center of Prague (so close). Since it's one of the larger schools in Prague so it doesn't pay as well as the other two from the day before, but it still pays better than my original school.

The offer is all around better than what I was getting from the other school actually. More money, more hours, paid vacation (as opposed to unpaid vacation) and they're going to get my visa all worked out.

I like this.

Other than getting a job though, the past two days have been quite eventful.

I got a ticket of 700Kc (~$35USD) because I forgot to buy a new ticket for the tram when I got on yesterday morning. Better believe I was diligent about buying tickets the rest of the day. (Damn you, traffic control!)

Lesson learned.

I went grocery shopping yesterday. Even though it's kind of far from home — relative to other grocery stores— I went ahead and went to the Tesco I had been going to when I was here before. I was already close to it and figured it'd be mostly hassle free since I already know where everything is.

Well, they didn't have eggs in a reasonable size package or potatoes.

First, potatoes. What the heck! I thought this is the land of potatoes. Czechs can cook potatoes in more ways than I can count. (Side note: I actually heard a guy complaining, in Czech, that there weren't any potatoes. Brambory is one of the few words I've retained in Czech.) They should have potatoes at all cost. I don't care if someone told them the store would be burned to the ground if they carried potatoes, they should have 'em.

Staple product, folks.

Second, eggs. I had the option to buy a million or four, seriously. While I probably could eat a million eggs (and by a million I mean 30), I decided it's bad for my health (or at least my relationship with my new roommates) if I take up half the fridge with eggs. I still need to go and buy eggs because I love them very much and like to have them in my diet daily. I'll reconcile this with my inevitable battle with heart health later in life.

After all my interviews and grocery shopping and waking up at 4:30 a.m. (Which, by the way totally doesn't make sense because that's like 10:30 p.m. in Texas. Damn you, jetlag!) I ended up coming home, making dinner, eating five bites and then passing out at 8 p.m.

Exciting I know.

Then today I took it easy. I took some pictures. I went to my interview. I went to argue with T-mobile and gave them a ton of money I didn't really owe them but they decided I did and there was nothing I could do about it. (Damn you, language barrier!)

Then I finally finally finally went to my friend's to pick up the three boxes I left there while I was gone. We drank some Calimojo *ahem*boxed red wine and coke*ahem* ... (Don't judge. I can be classy as well as impressively trashy. Did you see my New Years Eve photos?)

But now that I have my boxes home I've been procrastinating actually putting things away. (Damn you, Facebook/Blogger/Picasa/iTunes/e-mail!)

Tomorrow will be an exploring day. I'll try not to bore you next post.

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  1. you didn't tell me you got a metro ticket! sucks!

    i haven't been checked in weeksssss.

    and don't lie...you totally want to come over for more calimojos soon. haha.


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