Thursday, January 6, 2011

Earning My Weekend Beer Allowance

So the thing that sucks about taking extended vacation time is that when you do finally go back to work, even the easiest days seem like they're never ending and tire you out quickly.

I had orientation today with my new full-time job as well as my first private lesson with an 11-year-old girl. I'm slightly exhausted but I can't really go to sleep just yet. (It's only barely after 9 p.m. after all.)

The orientation was honestly a bit redundant but I know it's just because they really wanted to know that we're prepared and understand how stuff works at this school.

I'm supposed to get my full schedule tomorrow and then I start my first class on Monday with a post-graduate class. Post-grad classes are basically 18 to 20-year-olds who have finished high school but haven't yet figured out if they're going to college or whatever other options the have. They're trying to figure out what to do with their lives. 

Typically their parents force them to go take English lessons or something like that to fill their day so they stay out of trouble. 

Oh how lovely it is to live with one's parents. 

What's even better is these classes generally take place first thing in the morning — please, note the sarcasm here. I'm talking 7 or 8:30 a.m. I can't imagine being 18 and forced to go to an English class that early. (Actually, I can because I definitely had my college Spanish class that ridiculously early.) Hell, I'm not exactly able to imagine being a teacher and getting there that early. 

Who the hell functions in a foreign language that early?

Remember, in Taiwan, I taught afternoons/evenings.

I haven't seen my schedule yet, but the coordinator did mention that I'll be teaching at Czech Airlines (that sounds fun, right?) and at a top law firm (uhm, intimidating...). So I'm definitely going to have a mixture and even my work life will be anything but bland.

My new private student is adorable. She's 11-years-old and kind of reminds me of Augustus Gloop. In a good way though. (No, she didn't spend the entire class shoving chocolate in her face.) I mean, sure she's pudgy, but it's more that she's really happy and fun and talkative. Oh and the accents are kind of similar, naturally.

I was a little worried at first that we wouldn't be able to fill a full 90 minutes but it went by rather quickly.

Of course when I left I found out it was sleeting. Luckily, it wasn't coming down too hard so I could still stand in it and walk between tram stops and such without ending up soaking wet/frozen like a popsicle. 

At some point in the day it must have warmed up enough for the snow on the sidewalks to melt because with the new sleet everything was freshly frozen over. I kept slipping on the pavement and eventually I got the bright idea to purposely slide down the sidewalk instead of trying to walk which wasn't really working anyway. 

It reminded me of back when I worked in food service and I would forget to wear my slip-resistant shoes. We would start cleaning the floors with soapy water and I would go sliding across the floor all 1990's Slip & Slide style. 

Yes, I enjoy acting like a child sometimes.

Tomorrow, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. almost straight through. Ugh. I think after tomorrow I will have earned my weekend beer allowance. (Yes, I have one of those.)

***Thank you to my college roommate, Meghan, for pointing out my Hi-larious typo. I wish I had a bear allowance. That would probably be way more exciting.


  1. I am teaching English lessons in Germany, and its great to hear your experience with it all as well! I was really, really nervous the first 90 minute lesson I had, but you are right, time does seem to slip by rather easily. Good luck on the full day tomorrow!

  2. Hilarious typo placement. How much is your weekend bear allowance? :)

  3. Well, at least I got it right in the title. My weekend BEER allowance is gonna be 150Kc. More than enough to get my relaxed two nights in a row, but not enough to break the bank or get me wasted.

  4. Me. My. Oh my, I'm going to bed.

  5. I was a Dance Education major my first go around at college -- we had a 7:50am mandatory class three times a week called "Rhythmic Analysis" YOU CLAPPED BEATS FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT!! Gaaaah lol.

    Oh and it snows sleet over there, too? Last week my car looked like a huge ice cube!

  6. Recently started following your blog, and I love reading about all your adventures. Here's hoping 2011 brings you more interesting experiences during your travels. :)


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