Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Month Ever

Uhm, did anyone else notice that tomorrow is June?

This means that I've been in Prague for five months and holy cow has it been a whirl wind! I know I'll be here (at least) until this time next year and the way things are going that has me believing it might be over before I realize it's even begun.

It's amazing all the things that have happened already, but I feel like there's so much more to see and do!

But at least I'll be seeing a lot of Bohemia this summer. With my friend from college (almost wrote university...) coming in this weekend and my sister coming in July, I'll have plenty of opportunity to see things.

I'm thinking Moravia in the fall/winter. Anybody want to come visit this winter?

However, I will say that thus far, May has clearly been the best month.

We have our standard things to do like the beer garden and the park on Sundays. But we have been doing such a great job at finding new and different things to go do. It's only going to get better too. In the coming month there's the Prague Museum Night (I love museums!) and the United Islands (music) Festival.

Man, I love this place.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The ladies over at Jet Setting Divas pointed blog readers in the direction of this travel profile quiz hosted by American Express' Travel site. 

I love things that try to tell me who I am 'cause they're usually super hi-larious. Though I will say I'm quite pleased with these results. I think they fit me to a T.

Apparently I'm a Gastronaut. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Attention World Sports Fans

I'm sure you all know that I'm a huge (American) football fan. I love it. I mean, I grew up in East Texas after all. 

I started going to high school football games with my friend when we were in middle school. This town was seriously the epitome of Friday Night Lights. Her sister was on the drill team (if you don't know what a drill team is beyond a military context you're in for a world of bewilderment) and her parents went to every single home game - and some road games - and took us with them. 

Then in high school I was required to go to football games as I was in marching band. Keep your band camp jokes to yourself. But even if I weren't required to go, I definitely would have been there every Friday night. 

Going to one of the largest universities in the country with one of the best funded football programs certainly only fueled my obsession further.

I love football, y'all. 

I love this sort of pride.
And it's with that kind of excitement which I observed of Czechs going crazy during the World Hockey Championships recently. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quarter Centenarian

I'm not so great at posting in a timely fashion these days, but we'll just chalk it up to the fact that I'm busy... and that the sun decided to come out and play. I mean, how can you resist its bright and shiny personality. It makes me feel so warm all over. That's what she said.

Anyhow, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I made a big deal of it pretty much like I always do. I turned 25 and to me that's got an "I'm a quarter centenarian, bitches!" attitude written all over it. It was a weekend-long celebration of epic proportions.

Actually, scratch that, it was a Friday night celebration of epic proportions followed by two wonderful sunny days and two half-assed nights of celebration. What can I say, I started off at a sprint and it sure as hell caught up with me.

Doesn't matter though, I looked so thin and hot.
I kid... but no really...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beer Garden Sundays

Pretty much the moment it became "spring" the local beer gardens opened up and I'll be the first to say I was stoked. I managed to go to a beer garden once in the fall just before they closed down for the winter. Now, I'm fully taking advantage while I can.

I hereby declare every Sunday until sometime in October to be Beer Garden Sunday. (Though one shouldn't take this to mean other days are excluded from possible beer garden visits.) The best part is, I'm walking distance from one and it has basically become my second favorite place in Prague.

Who doesn't love sitting in the sun while drinking beer?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear America: Stop Celebrating

Warning: It is already very evident to me that this will turn into a rant of mostly political and then religion-in-politics nature. These are simply my views as they've occurred to me throughout the day.

Every morning I wake up and turn on my laptop. I check the weather before I get in the shower and then I usually check my e-mail pretty quickly just in case there's anything important I need to take care of quickly.

This morning, I woke up to three e-mails from the Washington Post
"Breaking News: White House says Obama to make late-night statement Sunday on an undisclosed topic"
"Breaking News: Osama bin Laden killed in CIA operation."
"Breaking News: Obama confirms that Osama bin Laden has been killed."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pálení Čarodějnic: Witch Burning Day

I don't know exactly why, but I've pretty much been looking forward to Pálení Čarodějnic since I got to Prague. I have this handy guide book that tells me all the major holidays and festivals in Prague and the nearby areas and the moment I read about a day celebrated with bonfires and beer, I was in without question. 

This lady is going to burn later.