Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springing Forward

I keep seeing all these reminders on Facebook to "Spring forward."

It's kind of confusing because while daylight savings happens in America this weekend, it doesn't happen until late-March here. 


It'll be strange only being six and eight hours ahead of my parents and my sister respectively. Strange indeed. Although I'm not sure that it'll make much of a difference. I imagine that it will throw things off a bit though. I tend to bump into my sister on the Internet now and then. Hey, maybe I'll bump into Meghan more now.

I think they might have it right here though. We're probably going to get one more spot of cold weather and then it's time for Spring to bring it. I can't wait for 16-hour days, all the sun I can handle and flowers!

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  1. Wow 16 hour days! I wonder how I would adjust to that!


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