Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chats With Seester

One of my favorite things about having a Blackberry is that I have a gchat 
application on it. This means I can basically text my sister and my best friend 
from home whenever I want.

It totally normalizes my life. That is if you can call this normal:

6:47 PM me: Rain is evil
 seester: Rain makes plants.
 me: Yes
  It also messes up my hair
6:48 PM :(
  And it makes it cold
  :( :(
6:52 PM Miss you!
6:53 PM seester: Hehe... Miss you too!
 me: I'm gonna go eat goulash now
  Because its raining and goulash beats rain
6:54 PM Its like rock paper scissors
  Rain beats hair
  Goulash beats rain
  Hair beats goulash but we'll try to avoid the combination
 seester: Rock paper scissors lizard spock rain goulash? Way complicated.

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