Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drink, Drank, Drunk

I know you kids looked at your calendars today and saw it's the tenth of the month and have since been anxiously awaiting the March edition of the Karaoke Ring of Death.

Well, here you go. 

This month is certainly one of the loosest themes thus far: Alcohol. This could include songs about alcohol. Songs about drinking. Songs about not drinking anymore. (Oh wai, that's my inner monologue each Sunday morning). Or even just any song you feel like singing while you're drinking/drunk.

So basically anything goes.

I think my iTunes foreshadowed the video I'm hosting this month because it definitely randomly started playing this song a few days ago. I was super excited and sang like crazy. I am super excited to see that other girls out there also like this song. 

J-Roll from Musings of an Underestimated Youth totally rocks it and I'm proud to be hosting something so amazing. Enjoy watching.

Karaoke Ring of Death (March 2011) from J-Roll on Vimeo.

Ok, now that she totally rocked your socks off, you can find my video over at Heather's blog, So Lovely. I'm stoked to be hosted by another American ex-pat. (I've met so many people living in Germany through blogging!)

Note: Stick around to the end of the video and you'll get an extra special surprise.
Double Note: Thanks a million trillion billion to Lauren for totally editing my video.

As per usual, to check out videos from the rest of the ring, there's a list at Sara Swears a Lot.

Also, if I have any say in it, next month is going to be absolutely epic.


  1. editing your video=so much fun!

    and if WE have anything to say in it, next month will be AWESOME.

    love you mean it.

  2. I love it! You have so much personality and it's just so much fun to watch! Great voice too!

  3. Jess!! This video was the awesome. And where you work that you were drinking at work?!?!

  4. This was so cool!! I love watching you flip through iTunes, this was almost like a movie. Loved your final choice!

  5. This is so amazing! I loved everything about it!

  6. whoa. apparently i was logged into johns account up there. haha. love you jimmie!

    and jess you're awesome!

  7. J-Roll, you are gorgeous. Stop making me feel ugly. ;)

    This was great. I LOVED the song choice, and you looked so cute the whole time.

  8. Your vids are so much fun :) Love it.

  9. J-Roll, that was amazing! Great choice of song, and the edittin the beginning cracked me up! I'd totally hang out with you IRL. =]


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