Friday, March 4, 2011

A Funny

I was talking to my sister about books earlier. I was gearing up to suggest a novel for her to read but I had to get the conversation there first. It lead to a funny

do you like existentialism?

I like big words, but I sometimes have to look them up to see if I like what they mean. ;-)

well just look at the root word gwenny
it's literature (usually) that deals with the topic of existence
generally questioning it

exist. Yes, I like to exist.

I proceeded to literally fall over cracking up. (Maybe the wine facilitated the level of funny I perceived this to be?) So if you like to exist you should probably read The Stranger by Albert Camus.

Conversations like this make me super excited that she's planning to come to Prague in the summer. 


  1. i've always loved that book. our teacher made us read it senior year, along with: the handmaids tale, hamlet, and their eyes were watching god. although i didn't actually read the latter. i think there were others too but now i can't remember them, seeing as it was TEN YEARS ago. ježuš maria. anyway, my teacher loved to exist too.

  2. So fun that you sister is coming! That is too funny. I bet ya'll are going to have a week in Prague that ever the Czechs won't forget!


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