Monday, August 17, 2009

Where's my spelling list!

Back to another super busy week.

My day started early today when an earthquake woke me up. It wasn't bad, in fact, my roommate described it feeling as if she were swinging in a hammock. Sounds relaxing and quiet right? Everything an earthquake is
not supposed to be.

This is the first earthquake I've experienced since I moved into the Romantic Paris Mansion. Here I live on the fifteenth floor instead of the fifth. I thought maybe that just made the effects seem bigger.

Nope, the earthquake was just much larger. According to the Central Weather Bureau it was a 6.5 making it the largest earthquake to hit Taiwan so far this year.

Oh, did I mention it was only one out of four today? There was one more that hit a 6.1 on the Richter scale and then two more after that. I only felt the first one, but I find it interesting that there were so many — especially two large ones — in one day.

Otherwise, I had my first demo today. My tiny red book class had their last demo ever. It's all tests from here.

I only had one moment during the demo where I screwed up. I couldn't find my word list for the spelling game I had for us to play. Whoops.

We got through it OK though.

This is my class. One of the kids wasn't there today though. Aren't all the boys super goofy though?

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