Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's your favorite animal?

Today took a lot of effort and I imagine tomorrow will as well.

These summer classes are kind of exhausting. I look up to Tess for being able to handle days like these every day of the week.

I managed to not take a nap today, so I'm close to falling asleep here on the couch. That said, I'll make this a quick one.

My kids were awesome today. I think I love my Tuesday classes. Something about the kids at Dar-Nan. They're just so super sweet but also really enthusiastic. I think the coffee before class helped me get through it though.

In my babies class, i taught them a new fun question.

Me: What's your favorite animal?
Glenn, Jim, Alvine, and Barry: My favorite animal is a dragon!

We use the Chinese Zodiac to teach them animals in the beginning so they just consider a dragon a real animal. Hilarious and adorable all at once!

I just realized all my kids have the names of men in their 50s. The rest of the boys in that class are Terry, Wilson, Tim and Keith (they like horses and dogs). I guess Tim and Keith are still carrying into our generation.

Really nothing else all that interesting to report though.

During my break I made some cantaloupe salsa. It's pretty good. Who would have thought? I'll post the recipe tomorrow when my eyes aren't drooping.

Now, dishes and bed time.


  1. My favorite animal has always been a dragon.

  2. Hi there - not to stalk you or anything, but my husband and I just moved to Taoyuan a couple of months ago. We actually just went to Great White Shark the other night for dinner! We don't work with too many other foreigners our age, so we found your blog and would love to meet up sometime for a beer if you want? Email me anytime at joslyn_mure@Hotmail.com. Either way, cheers and best of luck here in Taiwan!


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