Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quarterly Update

April has arrived and I'm having a bit of trouble believing I've already been in Prague for three months (this round). It's gone from snowy and freezing to sunny and warm with the occasional spring shower. I'm much happier with the weather now. 

Several of my classes are coming to an end this month (because they're quarterly) and others are finally getting comfortable enough with me to just plain have fun without thinking so much about the English and simply using it. I'm much happier now that I'm getting settled in and figuring out how to teach adults. (Not surprisingly, it's really not that different from teaching children.)

Probably the most notable part is that I'm not homesick. I thought that by now I would be. I know I went home for 10 weeks and I know that I've been living abroad for just shy of two years now (minus the temporary time at home this fall) but I just thought I would be jonesing for home by now. 


Don't get me wrong, I still miss every one and I love Austin. But honestly, if I'm homesick for anywhere at all right now, it's Taiwan. I miss my babies and my friends and (sort of) knowing that particular foreign language. I miss all the super yummy, convenient and cheap food (specifically the pineapple). I miss my scooter and the mountains and the beach. Ugh, I miss the beach.

But overall, I love Prague and I can see myself here for a very long time. The thing about teaching abroad is that so many people only do it for a year. Our contracts only oblige us to stay with our company for a year and so most people end up going home or moving on (like I did after Taiwan). 

Naturally because of this trend, I always get questions about what I'm going to do next. Well, I'm staying here at least until Summer 2012. That much I'm sure of. I have no idea what else I'll do. I think I've narrowed it down to two options, though there is one other that continues to linger at the back of my mind. That and there are a world of possibilities that would depend on a number of factors which could change between now and then. 

Either way, the idea of staying longer totally doesn't bother me. I think I may have found my place.

What was it my sister said when I told her I was moving to Prague? Oh right, "I'm pretty sure once you get there you're never going to want to leave."

My sister knows me so well.

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  1. Holy moly!! It's already been 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dontcha just hate/love when the sissies are right??


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