Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nemluvím česky... But I do sing karaoke.

So I'm really glad that my new friends taught me how to say, "I don't speak Czech," last week because I've definitely used it like 900 thousand (yeah...) times this week. I guess I'm starting to look like I feel comfortable enough for people to mistake me as Czech. 

Funny how disappointed people look when I open my mouth and start speaking. 

But what makes me uncomfortable is my karaoke video this month. If you'll remember last month's karaoke blog ring edition was themed "fuck." Well as a tribute to the only holiday anyone seems to give a crap about in February, my mom's birthday.

Wait, no, that's not right... Oh Valentine's Day. Right. 

Anyway, we went with Love or Anti-Love songs. (All the Single Ladies?)

However, I am super excited to post Lorraine's karaoke video (not Roxanne's... whoops). She's amazing and I really loved her video last month. When I found out I get to host her this month I felt like I hit the jackpot.

Then I saw her video and saw she's singing Rilo Kiley's "Breaking Up." Uhm, I <3 Rilo Kiley. Also, I'm glad I'm not posting some super lovey dovey song because I'm seriously not feeling it. However, I did get a near marriage proposal this week so we'll see how things go. But back to Lorraine. She's amazing. Watch her video. Visit her blog and tell her how awesome she is. 

Give the lady some love for her anti-love song. 

You can go hunt for my video over at Matt's blog. I say hunt because I kind of secretly hope it's difficult to find. I definitely chose out of my range, but I looooooove the song I chose so don't hate.

If you're interested in seeing anyone else's video (because I know this is exactly what you look forward to each month) check out Sara's blog for the list.


  1. I like how you're in your car. I love this song. You did a good yob. Yes I said yob. It's a sincere form of endearment coming from me!

  2. Love this song, and you sound GREAT!! It most definitely was worth the wait!! I'm pretty sure you're the most AWESOMELY EPIC woman in this shiz. Word.

    I was going to make a joke about the backseat of your car looking mighty nice but that might be a little lez of me. *wink*

  3. I love those glasses, and the song, and everything about this vlog! You made me feel like sumer, and that's the highest compliment I can give!

  4. hahahaha "I give good furrow."

    First, I have to say I love you because you chose Rilo Kiley. AMAZING.

    Second, I have to say I hate you because it looks so damn WARM where you are! UGHHHHH.

  5. Sorry Lor, I had a little trouble hearing you. It's probably because you're so EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  6. PS Those glasses are beyond amazing.

  7. OMG, I could never rock those glasses but they look amazing on you.

    Plus i can never wear earrings that large without feeling like my ears are gonna fall off. Mad props girl.

    Plus pouty lips =sexiness!

  8. Haha, again, this is great. Can't wait to see yours!

  9. EPIC and AWESOME!!! I had come here yesterday but I think this post was not put up by then :) Loved it (as usual. I love all your Vlogs) Now I am off to check Jimmie's video :) This is a nice blog!!!!

  10. Thanks everyone :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed my sunnies and my earring and my backseat! I thought those were the best parts of the video too!

    *Group hug*

  11. I'm sure I've said this before, but damn girl, you got pipes!

    Also, <3 the remix!


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