Monday, February 28, 2011

Gettin' Crazy

This weekend was one of my most fun this year and I honestly didn't even really do anything. I basically spent the weekend acting like I was in university again. (Yes, I say things like university and flat now. Don't judge me.)

Friday I only had one class but I spent the afternoon being responsible and getting my time sheets and things in order so that I can turn them all in this week. I love that February has gone by so quickly! It's scary how quickly time flies when you're living abroad though.

Friday night I decided to go over to Lorn's. We had planned on having a few drinks and doing our videos for next month's karaoke ring, but instead she made Shepherd's Pie for dinner, we looked at old pictures on Facebook, drank our beers and played Monopoly Deal with John. It was a regular old sleepover party.

I decided to stay the night because she lives way on the north side of town across the river and it would take forever to get home way late at night. I think this was a great idea because then she made me pancakes for breakfast. 


After going home and getting a few things done, Lorn and I met up to go buy me some new jeans. 

I didn't really have the money to buy new jeans, but I didn't really have a choice either. Because most people don't have clothes driers here, the washing machines do a phenomenal job of wringing the water out of clothing in the last spin cycle. That coupled with walking nine million miles per day has lead to two of my four pairs of jeans being destroyed in the wash. 

They're no where near acceptable in a business environment. Unfortunately, the two pair of jeans that were left are light denim (apparently dark denim is more business-y) and kind of gross because I've had them forever. One pair of the jeans I have left were bought my freshman year of college. Seriously.

(Sidenote: The jeans that were destroyed in the wash are the ones I wear most often, but also the two newest pair, 1.5 years and 6 months. What the heck?)

Either way, I was hungry and since Lorn had made me dinner the night before plus breakfast Saturday morning, I decided to make her tacos for dinner. I don't know when she last had Mexican food but given that she's from California I figured she'd enjoy it. 

My friend Gillian also came in from České Budějovice, so I fed her too. Then it was off for a night of crazy fun. 

A friend had reserved a pub for the night for her birthday so we partied it up. It was great fun.

Saturday night was another sleepover since Gillian was in town. This was ended up in her and my roommate Zuzka coming into my room at 9 a.m. Sunday to wake me up and make me go to brunch with them. We proceeded to drink coffee, gripe about our hangovers and laugh hysterically at the crazy antics from the night before. 

Sometimes it's OK to just act crazy. This weekend was just what I needed to relax again.

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