Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coffee Makes My World Go Round.


I finally bought a coffee thermos so I can take coffee with me in the morning. Let me tell you, even just by the time I'm standing on the metro (not even a five minute walk from my flat) taking the four stops to school, my day is going infinitely better than it was a week ago, especially on the three days per week I have class starting between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. (7:15 on Tuesday, 7 on Wednesday and 7:30 on Thursday, yuck). 

I also bought some instant coffee that I can just add water and drink. They aren't the best ever or anything, but they'll work. I have made a requests for someone to send me the Starbucks ones because they're honestly not bad. (Better than the crap they have here.) And for those of you wondering, yes we have Starbucks here, but they haven't launched the instant coffee product here. Strange since this country has a heinous love affair with insta-caffeine. 

Also, Tuesday was basically the best day ever. It started with coffee. :)

I had great classes all day with lots of stimulating and/or fun conversation. 

A few of my students asked me to meet them for drinks next week when they go out. This made me super happy. The one advantage to having students near my own age is that we can relate. We get along well. 

I wasn't sure about this class because it's a post-secondary, but it turns out they do like me. Yay!

Then I met up with a friend after my classes for a drink (he owed me one) and we chatted for quite awhile at what is probably my new favorite bar. 

a) Beer is only 25kc (about $1.5) for 0.5ltr. Yay!
b) It's a total dive and has pool tables. Yes, both of these things are pros to me.
c) It has a regular crowd which includes a group of retirees who look like they would be a hell of a lot of fun to drink with, if only they spoke English. (Can we say new friends?)

But wait! They speak Czech and a TEENSY bit of English. One of the old guys started talking to my friend and I (mostly my friend because he was sitting closer) and it was pretty hilarious. Summary: He is not a fan of communists and illegal immigrants. 

I even got to use a teensy bit of my newly learned Czech. Dobry vecher... Ja jsem Jimmie... Jsem učitelka angličtiny... Na shledanou!

So basically I'm on a mission to make Czech friends. If I regret anything about the time I spent in Taiwan it's that I didn't make very many really good Taiwanese friends. Don't get me wrong, I knew Taiwanese people and had some friends. But most of them were more acquaintances or we hung out once in a blue moon. 

It would be nice to hang out with real Czech people so I can learn more about this place.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a fun bar. And after I have had a few, I am always down to make foreign friends. Seems like you are having a great time :) Thanks for the update!

  2. My day just got infinitely better when I read that you guys DO have Starbucks in Prague!!!

    3 weeks and counting! :)

  3. i've been drinking the clever brand insta-crap for so long now that i think i will just pee my pants in excitement when i return to real coffee... :)

  4. looks like I will able to send you a care package really soon. Hope you can wait!


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