Thursday, November 19, 2009

How many times does she say love?

The wine and cheese party was a success. So much a success that almost everyone who came didn't get out of bed until the afternoon today.

Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that we eventually met up with the boys in Zhongli where it was 100NT all-you-can-drink.

I simply had a chill day today. I actually woke up before noon and although I was thirsty, I felt fine. But it was dreary and a bit chilly out so I opted for the stay-in-bed-and-watch-shows-on-my-computer-all-day method of coping with a late night out.

The only exciting thing I can say is that things with my middle of the week classes are getting better. My Wednesday night kids are starting to get used to me and we actually joke around now. That always helps the relationship.

My Thursday night kids are warming up to me, but they're still terrible when we're in lesson mode. When we're just talking or playing a game they're fun. But the moment it's time to crack open and book and talk about the lesson (or simple repeat after me) they clam up and hardly open their mouths.

I played Lady Gaga's new song for them tonight (don't worry, I didn't show the video). I made it into this activity where they had to listen for the word "love" and make a mark every time she said it and whoever got the right number was the winner.

After the second time of listening, I realized that some of them were also counting when the back-up singers said love. That made it complicated and I didn't really think about that ahead of time.

On the agenda, study Chinese, figure out what we're doing for this massive Thanksgiving feast and find presents to bring home to everyone!

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