Sunday, November 22, 2009

How many people does it take to stock a pantry?

Bobo took Kyrstie, Anisa and me to Costco yesterday to get things for Thanksgiving. Man, I though Carrefour was ridiculous on Sunday. I wanted to scream at Costco.

I know that I'm living in a very family-oriented society and that people here take every opportunity they can to hang out with their family, but why on Earth do people take their whole damn family to the grocery store? As if grocery shopping weren't a big enough pain, you add toting around three kids, your mother and your father?

I understand if there just isn't someone around to watch the kids for you, but why do you need seven people to go to the store? Make a list. Ask everyone ahead of time if they want anything from the store. The less people you have with you, the faster it goes (for you and for me!).

I know I'm ranting, but I have this problem at home as well.

Yesterday was like a maze, except I had an over-sized shopping cart making it even more difficult. I cannot tell you how many children I nearly ran over. Kyrstie and I started taking turns standing with the cart while the other went searching for whatever we needed.

We're lucky though. We just barely got our turkeys.

Right after we grabbed our two turkeys (which still may not be enough, by the way) a woman and her son came up and grabbed six more. I didn't see anymore in the freezer, of course that's not to say there weren't any in the back.

Now we get to spend all week prepping and baking and cooking.

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