Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pictures of the Day

I haven't really been going picture crazy just yet because I'm not sure if there are any instances in which taking a picture would get me in trouble. Either way, I took a few. Here is a glimpse of Taiwan.

This is a picture of the Tung-An school and our dorm. 

Coca-Cola. I was reading something earlier that said 98 percent of the world recognizes the Coca-Cola brand. That's ridiculous. This can of coke cost me $17NT though. I think that's funny.

This is just an open air temple at the park right next to the dorm.

Just a random view of the city. So many of the buildings are really tall.

This is the park right next to the dorm. Everyone calls it "Olympic Park." I have no idea what it is actually called.

I just thought this is one of those funny "Engrish" things. I have no clue what electric socks are nor do I understand what about them would be fun...

OK, I'm being lame and spending my Saturday night in. A lot of people are going to a bar, but after a day of classes and then crowded markets and streets, I'm tired. 

Waking up at 6:30 a.m. probably didn't help much.

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