Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am the ultimate procrastinator.

 I've managed to completely avoid doing anything about cleaning and packing up my room. I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I am great at getting things done on deadline. That said, I usually wait until the deadline is pressing. I guess it's the journalist in me. 

Yeah, I know. My room is trashed.
I'm one of those get it done way early or wait until the absolute last minute kind of girls. 
So what did I preoccupy myself with instead?

I made biscuits and gravy from scratch, of course.
I've been promising the British guy I live with (one of my remaining four roommates) that I would make him biscuits and gravy. Another friend of ours made them at her house a couple of weeks back and I happened to simultaneously have a craving for home-food. I've been jealous ever since.

That and the Brit apparently had no clue what a biscuit is — crazy Brits think biscuits are cookies, psht — so we really had to remedy the situation.

Well, here it is the day before I'm supposed to leave and I hadn't yet made good on my promise. When I opened my eyes this morning and saw my room I though, "What better way to avoid packing than to keep my word to a friend?"

The irony here is biscuits and gravy only take 20 minutes to make. That's including baking time. So I attempted to start the mound of dishes in our kitchen. Every single dish has been used and was unclean when I went downstairs this morning.

Oh the joy of living with a trillion people. I am generally the kitchen cleaning gestapo but I've been having my lazy moments the past few days. (I think I'm seeing a pattern here...) So if I'm leaving dishes and they're leaving dishes, well, then we're just out of dishes.

I hand washed everything except the silverware this morning — every single piece of flatware we have by the way.

I'm sure at this point you're wondering what the hell I was doing yesterday since that's when I was supposed to be packing. Yeah... that didn't happen.

I went to run a few "errands" and ended up walking around Prague for about four hours. It's easy to do really. Just start walking in a totally random direction. Get lost down a couple of tiny alleyways you've never explored before. 

Get distracted and start taking pictures of the buildings.

Then stumble upon a bunch of the best smelling booths of food you've ever smelled in Old Town Square. 

The last step ended with me walking among all the food for a good hour. Unfortunately, I had already had a sushi lunch (yum) and so I wasn't that hungry. 

But I still managed to scarf down this: Trdelník.
I pretty much love food and this smelled too good not to try. Everything smelled good and I totally wished I hadn't eaten because there were three different booths with fire roasted klobása and a ton of booths with amazing looking jacket potatoes smothered in cheese and sour cream and meat. (Uhm, Mouthgasm?)

I went out looking for souvenirs for the family and friends and ended up coming out with nothing but sore feet from walking so long and a couple of things to complete the Christmas gifts I'm giving to my nieces. At least I've got them covered.

By the time I got home it was already time for my friend — The Canadian — to come over because we were meeting My Future Roommate for what is presumably my last Czech meal of 2010. 

Meet Svíčková na smetaně. This is the best thing ever.
This is basically my favorite Czech dish so far. Don't get me wrong, I love all the pastries and the pork schnitzel and the fact that they can cook potatoes more ways than I knew were possible, but svíčková is just the best thing in the world. In My Future Roommates' words: "I want to bathe in it."

It's generally a piece of roast beef (or tenderloin) pounded to death and braised. It's super tender. Then they put this amazing gravy on top. The gravy is a tiny bit sweet because they top it with cranberry sauce and a slice of lemon and whipped cream. Then there are the potato bread dumplings. 

OK, seriously, mouthgasm!

This particular version only cost 85Kc (less than $5USD) and was better than any other version I've had so far. 

The best part is, I used to be this total freak about different parts of my food touching, but I just don't care anymore. Taiwan kind of put me on the path of curing me of this particular OCD and then going through SE Asia took care of any crazy that was left. Now I'm all about sopping up every little bit.

Well, now that I managed to blog away even more time, maybe I should at least consider what I'm going to take home with me. On the list: my UT Snuggie and every pair of jeans I own. Everything else is up for debate.

Wish me luck!

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