Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have an announcement to make

So I know the blogging has been a bit sporadic (that word always makes me think of the movie Clueless) here but I promise it's because I've been very busy. Mostly.

I've been making new friends and going out a lot with them. And of course I have been studying hard. I'm happy to announce that it has all paid off!

On Monday I was informed that I received a Pass 1 grade in my TEFL course. That's the highest grade they give and it is accompanied by an automatic offer of employment. That means that I have both a TEFL certification and a job in the Czech Republic.

But wait there's more! I was also given an option between starting now or starting in January. 
Well, folks, for several reasons relating to money in the bank (or the lack there of), the fact that I prefer to not work illegally, the presumption that the contract year will work out much better for me and — let's just face it — that I'm just downright homesick, I've decided to start my contract in January.

This means I'm headed back to Austin next week! I've only told a few people so far, namely my parents who I'm forcing to come pick me up in Houston so I don't have to pay an extra $300 to fly to Austin. 

Plane tickets are kind of ridiculously expensive; of course it doesn't help that my return flight will likely be on New Years Day.

So here's the deal, I know lots of folks think I'm going to go home and never come back and then there's the end of all this traveling. Well, that's not gonna happen, friends.

First of all, I have guaranteed employment here in Prague. Second, I'm buying a round-trip plane ticket. And if that weren't enough proof to settle your minds, I'm leaving three boxes of my stuff here at my friend's house because it's simply too expensive to take it all home with me and bring it back again. 

So sure there will be some traveling down time, but I'll finally get to see the family again, which has basically sent my mom into this crazed happiness that I thought people only got from drugs. Apparently knowing your youngest daughter is coming home for two and a half months sends some incredible endorphin/adrenaline rush to all the happy places in your brain.

But don't get me wrong, I'm just as excited as she is. I'm excited to see my mom and dad and all my friends who I haven't seen in a year. I'm excited to eat Tex-Mex and BBQ. I'm excited for a trillion other things that I can't even think about right now because I'm so anxious!

However, I still have a week to go so it's time for me to tourist it up in Prague. 

My next entry will be all about my day walking around through Mala Strana looking at architecture, modern art, and leaves. Autumn is here, folks, and I absolutely love it.


  1. We are all so proud of you Jimmie. I am sure you
    r mom and dad have no problem driving to Houston to pick you up. That gives them a couple hours to have you all to themselves. :-)

  2. I can't be there to pick u up but I will be home by the time you get home. Luv ya! :)


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