Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's beach time.

I have been so incredibly lazy since I got to Bali. 

I think I've just worn myself out to the point that the idea of exploring makes my brain tired. Instead, I've opted to sit on the beach and do nothing.

The morning after I arrived in Bali, I woke up, packed my stuff and went to find a new place to stay.

I found a room where an Aussie guy was leaving. He assured me the room was nice and totally worth the $100,000 Rupiah per night. Since that's still only $10 per night i decided to go for it. 

It's clean. It has an amazing fan. It also has floor to ceiling picture windows that face the garden. And it's run by a nice little Balinese family.

Then I dropped off my laundry and went to have some breakfast. I had the weirdest Huevos Rancheros ever. They were still good, they just weren't quite what I was expecting.

Since I dropped off every single piece of clothing I own except for the ones I was wearing and something to wear tomorrow, I had to go shopping. My swimsuit was still gross from swimming in the Mekong River so I had to relinquish it to them as well which meant I would have to go buy a new one. 

I decided to buy a new sarong while I was at it.

Seriously, America needs to get in on this sarong secret. They're amazing. You can use them as a beach towel, something to just lay on, or even as a dress or skirt. Men and women both use them. They're amazing!

I use it as an all-in-one wearing the sarong as a dress down to the beach, taking it off and spreading it out on the sand to lay out on and then using it to dry off later before putting it back on to walk back to my room.

It's the single most versatile thing that I own, which is why I now have three of them.

So after spending a good three hours at the beach and not getting a sunburn, I made myself up and went out for dinner and a couple of drinks hoping I would meet someone along the way.

I ended up meeting this British guy and we chatted for awhile. Then we decided to go driving around on his motorbike. We ended up getting pulled over by the cops because he wasn't wearing a helmet and we were given three options:
  • A) Leave the motorbike here and get a ticket
  • B) Let the motorbike get towed to Denpasar and get a ticket
  • C) Pay us $200,000 Rupiah now and leave as if nothing every happened
We of course went with option C because really what's a $20 bribe to the police that keeps you from having to go three towns away or buy a new motorbike for the rental shop?

After that I decided maybe we should just take the motorbike back since he still didn't have a helmet and simply walk around the neighborhood near the guesthouses. We went to some small bar for a couple of beers and then they opted to close early so we bought beer at the convenience store and went down to the beach with a whole bunch of other people. 

I really love going to the beach at night because you can see the lights of all the boats that are docked offshore. I think it's really pretty. Kuta, however, if even cooler because you can watch planes land at the airport just south.

After awhile it started to rain so we hung out under a tree. Then it eventually started to actually pour down so we ran underneath the awning of a building and chatted for about 15 minutes before I got really impatient.

I was not ready to stand there forever waiting for the rain to end.

Well, turns out when it pours down like that, it floods the streets. So we walked in what I'm pretty sure was absolutely disgusting water that was halfway up to my knees back our respective guesthouses. 

Even the courtyard of my guesthouse was flooded. I was a little worried but realized that this much be why everything is on a foundation that's about eight inches up from the road. 

I managed to squirm out of my soaking wet clothes, shower off the disgusting water (that in hindsight probably had rats in it) and find some dry clothes. I slept so well after that. I haven't been out that late in quite awhile.

The next morning I woke up late and remember why it is I don't go out so much anymore. I'm like an old woman these days. I decided that I would still take it easy so I had breakfast and then spent another three hours at the beach where I met my British friend again. 

Unfortunately I was less successful with the application of sunscreen and ended up with a bit of a burn... around the lining of my bikini bottom, right on my butt cheeks.

OK you can quite laughing now.

I continued to take the night chill as well. I had a pita for dinner (hooray for meals less than $2!) and then went to a bar close to my guesthouse called Swell. They play a movie every night on a big projector screen and have cheap beer.

I wish my life could always be this chill but I know it would drive me insane after awhile.

I think I can safely say I could never live on the beach. Everything's just a little to slow and easy for me.

That said, I'm seriously considering just staying in Kuta and doing short day trips for the duration of my time in Bali. It's just too easy and I'm pretty happy here.

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