Monday, August 30, 2010

Fleeting thoughts of doubt

I've literally been doing nothing worth talking about the past few days.

I have ended up staying in Kuta the entire time I've been in Bali. I'm a little mad at myself for not at least going to Ubud, but I really liked my hotel room and I've been pretty content. I just don't really feel like exploring is what it comes down to.

My days have typically been something like this:

Wake up pitifully late (though before noon usually). Eat "brunch." Go use the Internet for awhile. Get to the beach some time around 2:30 in the afternoon when it's still ridiculously hot. Stay at the beach until sundown, all the while using copious amounts of sunscreen, jumping into the ocean periodically to float on my back and devouring a book. Go wash off all the sand and salt water and then eat dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. Go to Swell (another restaurant) and have a couple of beers while watching whatever movie they're playing. 

Usually I'll end up chatting with someone at some point rather briefly and then I go back to my hotel room kind of late and sleep forever.

Nothing exciting at all really. Just very relaxed.

That said, I can't wait until I'm not living in a hotel room anymore. 

I want to have a kitchen and a coffee maker. I'm almost ready for the moment when I can sit in front of the TV in my pajamas all day eating nothing but cereal and Goldfish and not feel guilty. Too be honest, I'm getting a little tired of being on vacation.

Believe it or not, traveling like this can be exhausting (probably doesn't help that I've been in four countries in four weeks...) and I think I'm a bit homesick. 

I caught myself thinking about going to Prague to do my TEFL (since it's already paid for) and then just going home. It was a fleeting thought mind you, but the fact that I'm having thoughts like that means I need to be somewhere more stable.

Once I get all settled into Prague I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it so much I won't want to leave. But for now, I'm tired.

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