Thursday, June 28, 2012

I (Still) Hate Moving

I started out rather ambitious this week, but of course that ambition has dwindled as the days go by.

Here's the thing, I haven't got any work this week. I've got absolutely no where I have to be. At all. This leads to a lot of sheer laziness.

I have been getting out of the house a bit and running errands. Buying this or that for my upcoming trip. Deciding not to buy stuff because it's more trouble than it's worth.

On Monday, I was totally ready to make this a productive week. I started out by going through every piece of clothing I own. I managed to fill up to small trash bag with clothing I'll donate (or let my friends rummage through) and then another bag with clothes I will just trash. No one needs a pair of jeans with holes in them.

But here I am with a huge box still full of clothing, my carry-on bag full of clothes which I think I might want to take on holiday but realize I'll have to minimize before I actually finish packing plus a bunch of other clothes.

I'm going to have to go through these again.

Then I decided to move on to all the papers and teaching materials I have. Here's the thing, after three years of teaching, I've made up or commandeered a lot of teaching materials. Some for kids. Some for adults. Some for anyone. They're useful. It's the best thing about teaching. Once you know something works, you keep it and use it over and over again. Those are your best lessons. You've always got something up your sleeve.

Here's the thing about teaching abroad: You move every year or two. Papers and teaching materials add up and start to weigh a lot. Do I really want to weigh down the precious little space I have on my flight with a bunch of teaching materials?

I've managed to get down to just one huge (read 'over-filled') binder of stuff. I'll have to go through that again.

And it was here that I stopped. That was Tuesday. I did absolutely nothing at home yesterday.

The plan was to start getting stuff divided up: Stuff going to Iraq, Stuff going home with my sister, and Stuff getting donated/trashed.

I know, I'm not moving for another two months. But have I mentioned that I will visit no less than 10 foreign countries (not including the Czech Republic) this summer, some of them twice. Yeah, I'm not going to have time for this stuff this summer. I've got traveling to do and friends and family to hang out with.

And I absolutely refuse to spend my last days in Prague (as in the last two days of August) packing when I should be in a park drinking beer and eating barbecue with my friends for the last time in who knows how long.

I'm half tempted to throw out everything except pictures and a few weeks worth of clothing and be done with it.

Will someone pack my crap for me?

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