Sunday, January 22, 2012

Children Are Like Petri Dishes

I have a cold. It's relentless. And I'm positive one, several or all of the something like 200 kids I teach gave it to me. 

I stayed in bed all day Wednesday and Thursday. Went back to work on Friday. Stayed in bed most of the day Saturday until I just couldn't take it anymore. Sometimes, a girl has just got to get the hell out of the house. 

So I played darts for two hours with my friend John. Good times. I forgot how much I enjoy playing darts. Hopefully we'll do that more often because it was essentially free. 

I like free. 

In other news, I (finally) cleaned my room. I've read two books already this year (totally on schedule for my goal!). I'm now getting The Economist, the New York Times, Radio Praha, and The New Yorker delivered to my Kindle. Hopefully, I'll be ever so slightly more informed than I have been lately. 

I've just been hiding in a hole (my room) getting random news which pops up on Facebook (which to be fair is usually from my news-related friends and/or NPR) which has led to me not knowing a whole hell of a lot.

Next, I'm going to teach myself to cook something new every couple of weeks. I've already taught myself how to make latkes (of the jalapeno-garlic variety!). Coming up, cabbage rolls. 

Also, more of making my own bread. I make it so well and all. Not to mention, kneading bread is just so damned cathartic

Also, hockey. Man, I love hockey season. I've been to two games this month so far and it wasn't until I got to the first one that I remembered how much I used to love going to Dallas Stars games. 

I hope to attend a billion more games this season. Go Sparta!

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