Sunday, August 28, 2011

Water Fight 2011!

Remember a couple of year ago when we had a big water gun fight in the park in Taiwan?

No? Read here to catch up.

So I decided that we could have an equally awesome time doing something similar here in Prague. And I was right.

This city is full of parks and open spaces. It had been hot as hell lately. I honestly talked about this all summer and we finally did it.

Not only did we do it, we got a pretty big group together.

Ain't no thang when you know people who know people who know people. Especially when you know people who work on/own a bar crawl. They like to party. And what's a better party than a water fight in a park followed by a trip to the beer garden? (And for some preceded by a trip to the beer garden as well.)

We made a ton of water balloons and hauled them up to Letna Park, one of the most popular parks in Prague which has an incredible view of the city.

Then we made our way over to a water fountain so that we could have easy access to water for out water guns and super soakers.

We came out looking like this.

I have no idea where the naked lady picture came from.
You should keep note of it for what's coming up later.
After we got soaking wet we realized it wasn't nearly as warm as it had been the last few days and beer and dry clothes would be in order.

Some of us changed. Some didn't bother. We all grabbed a beer and enjoyed the view.

On the way over the the beer garden, it was like being in a series of Jackass. I'll let the video explain.

Oh, boys.

— J

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