Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Visitor

Summer has arrived and it's been all sorts of insanity around here. Despite the fact that I have significantly less classes to teach (and it appears as though that number will continue to dwindle...) it's been busy. 

My friend Ricky came to visit for a week and I was so excited to finally get to play tour guide. 

Ricky is a friend of mine that I've known since my second year of college. That was a long time ago. We haven't seen each other in about two years because after college I decided to move across the globe. He decided to move to Amarillo. So even when I was back State-side, we didn't have the opportunity to hang out. 

Sad. I know.

So it was exciting to get to see an old friend who I've basically just been talking to on the Internets for two years. I know there are so many more of you out there. So now you know - get off your asses and come visit me.

Things I learned while he was here: 
  • I've actually learned a significant amount about Czech history and can rattle off random facts at will. Apparently the journalist tendency to soak up random facts also translates into an innate ability to be a bad ass tour guide. Noted.
  • I am getting really good at getting around this city. Trams, metro, buses, walking. You name it; I can do it.
  • I can read way more Czech than I thought which is convenient in museums.
  • Apparently I speak European... more on that later.
I'm not going to diarize every single moment Ricky spent here but I am going to write about a couple of the more significant things we saw. 

The first, we actually took a Prague Castle tour. As in paid for the ticket and went inside places. Not every where, but the places that seemed worth it. It was awesome. Find the Prague Castle post here.

The second, I'm broke so we couldn't go all over the place, but I decided to take Ricky to at least one other place in the Czech Republic so we went to Tábor, a small village in southern Bohemia which was founded as the first Hussite encampment. Yes, we learned about history, the Holy Wars and The Protestant Reformation. Exciting stuff. Also, cute town. See the post about Tábor here.

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