Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zombies, Vampires and Christmas? Oh my.

I want to know what it is with people's obsession with the undead. 

I have a friend who *LOVES* zombies and living in Austin you get bombarded by zombies and zombie paraphernalia pretty often. I mean, zombies actually descend on the Erwin Center and road signs caution drivers that there may be traffic due to zombies.
I'm not too worried about the zombie obsession though. I understand the fact that there very clearly may be a zombie apocalypse in the relatively near future is a totally plausible idea that would naturally preoccupy your every thought. (Do I stock up on oozies and ammo or decide which light-weight tool would be best for bludgeoning?)

I'm more worried about this whole vampire thing. I mean, really, vampires? 

I actually probably could have gotten behind vampires until Twilight. I know — every fang-smitten tween out there is probably screaming at the screen wondering how Twilight wouldn't simply validate an innate love for vampires. 

Well, vampires are supposed to be scary, walk in the night and attack people (like zombies, I know!) but Twilight killed it, especially with the whole, Hi-I'm-Edward-my-skin-sparkles-in-the-sun-I-only-drink-animal-blood-and-I-know-I'm-hott.

Seriously, Twilight, skin that shimmers like diamonds? Way to take the *hott* out of anything. Just 'cause women like diamonds doesn't mean they want their men to look like them. Quite the opposite actually. (Ladies, am I wrong?)

And just to round this all out, vampires have nothing to do with Christmas. But TV knows Americans looovvvvve Christmas so there's always a Christmas episode on every series on TV... including the vampire shows. 


—End Rant—

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  1. ROFL. I can't get into the zombie or vampire thing. And YES, vampire Christmas specials are inevitable. I just don't get it.. people are so gullible nowadays. It's just like with the dolls of celebrities.. that is SUPER freaky- why would you want to own a fake play-sized version of a real person. Creepy!



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