Monday, April 19, 2010

What would it be like to live alone?

So today began Tess' last week in Taiwan.

It's totally bizarre to think about because not very many people have left since I got here last summer. Which is weird considering this is generally a pretty high turnover job.

Either way, her mom and sister will be here tomorrow morning. She's super excited and to be honest so am I. I can't even count how many conversations I've overheard between Tess and her family on Skype and of those how many I've actually ended up giving my two cents in. Then there are just all the families she's told us.

Her family sounds awesome and I love the fact that they are so close.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Saturday night I didn't really feel like making the effort to go out. I Skyped my sister and we talked about a Europe vacation (more detailed information on this at another time). I opted to stay in and work on an itinerary.

Unfortunately, when it comes to planning a vacation, I get a little obsessive and can't stop.

I kept telling myself: OK just a few more minutes.

It was 4 a.m. by the time I went to bed. I had made a skeleton itinerary, found flights for my sister and her family and worked out how we would get between each city on which day. Honestly the only thing left to figure out is accommodation because I would prefer to wing it in each city.

Luckily my unintended late night didn't hurt anything.

I slept late on Sunday (I finally got to sleep in!!!!) and then the roomies plus Kyrstie went to Debbie's. Then we ended up going to Taipei for drinks and a movie.

I really love fun chill days.

Then today was just non-stop going going going.

I subbed this morning, then I came home and had lunch, then I went to the bank, then I went to the dentist, then I went to class, then I went to grab food. I'm so glad to be home, but I need to clean sense we do have people coming tomorrow.

Oh that's right, in addition to Tess' mom and sister, we have Katie's boyfriend and friend coming.

It's weird because we're going to have all these people around and this week is going to be so insane (especially since I added in subbing everyday). Then all of a sudden next week there will be nothing.

Tess will be gone and Katie is going to Cambodia and Laos for a vacation.

While on one hand I'm happy to have a little alone time, I'm thinking it might be a little too much alone time.

Guess I'll find out if I could potentially handle living alone in the after all.

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