Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why won't my scooter work?

I woke up super early this morning, rushed to get ready so that I would have time to get breakfast only to get on my scooter and have it not start. 

I tried EVERYTHING but nothing responded. 

I had to take a cab to work and just barely made it in time to not jeopardize my attendance bonus. I didn't get a good breakfast though. I had some coffee and a ham and cheese bagel from 7-11.

The coffee was fine but the bagel tasted like the plastic wrapper it came in. Gross.

After the coffee though, it occurred to me that it was probably the battery that wasn't working. 

So during my two-hour lunch break I rolled my scooter over to my regular mechanic and he fixed it up in no time. 

Apparently one of the wires just came loose and then something else that I couldn't understand. 

Either way, less than 30 minutes and $200NTD later I was on my way back to work, also just barely in time. 

I love that I can go to get my vehicle fixed and I don't have to stress out that it might cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars (of the American variety). 

I'm totally down with paying $6USD to get my scooter fixed. I don't even think that would cover 12 minutes of labor in the States. 

Well, we're off to Taipei tonight for Jacob's birthday. Hopefully things don't get too crazy as they tend to do when we go out as a big group.

Happy birthday, Jacob!

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