Monday, March 8, 2010

Have you ever lost anything important?

This weekend was rather eventful, maybe a little too much even.

Saturday night we went out in Taipei for Jacob's 25th birthday. We started out the night with a reserved table at a super classy nightclub called Barcode. 

Our reservation was supposed to include cover to get into another club, but we were refused entry because of the reputation of some of our group from a previous night (at which I was not present). 

So, we went over to another nightclub to dance the night away. 

We had a lot of good fun. It was a pretty great night. 

Well, except for this part: 

I got a locker to put my jacket and wallet in and still ended up losing my wallet somehow.

I'm fairly certain it fell out of my pocket somewhere, I just wish I knew where.

Despite the fact that there were a lot of valuable and necessary items in that wallet, I'm not freaking out.

I'm actually really zen about the whole thing. I've already got the bank sending me new cards and I'm going Wednesday to get my ID replaced.

Granted I won't be getting my cash or my wallet back, but lesson learned.

I'm going to buy a small purse that has a strap that will allow me to wear it shoulder to wait around my body so I won't be losing anything else. 

Megan says that because this totally alarming thing happened and I'm not freaking out, I am officially an international woman. 

I'm just going to roll with the punches.

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  1. I had my purse stolen at a McDonald's in Taipei within the first 2 months I was in Taiwan (the first time). My friend and I went partying and decided to have breakfast at McDonald's and sleep a bit there...since everyone seems to do that. I lost NT$1300, the dorm keys, my favorite earrings and a necklace. Thankfully I had no I.D on me. On a separate occasion I lost my Visa card on a night out to Woo Lounge. I learned my lessons...


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