Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last week in Austin

I just wrote a break-up letter to the job I've held for almost four years and posted it on Facebook. It's pretty funny.

Basically, I told them I'm happy to be out. 

So I am officially in my last week in Texas. I was considering going up to Dallas this Saturday. Graduation weekend didn't go so well with some people and I would really hate for that to have been the last time I saw them before I leave for a year. 

That and I kind of wanted to go see No Doubt. But, I have enough money to pay my bills next month and take myself for a couple of activities this next week. I think going to Dallas would use up pretty much all of my extra cash. 

I love the look on people's faces when they find out for the first time that I'm going to Taiwan. It's a look of shock and awe all at once. Hilarious. I kind of wish I had a camera out each time. Their eyebrows raise, jaws drop and eyelids shoot wide open. 

Anyway, immediately after the shock wears off they ask if I know Taiwanese, why I'm going and if I'm scared. Then they realize I only have a week left here. This results in everyone saying, "Oh my god, we need to hang out before you leave!" 

I need to create a list of activities I'm doing over the next week so people can join me. 

Any suggestions for things I need to do before I leave? 

I am planning dinner Friday night I think. Nothing nearly as formal as graduation weekend. Something cheap and easy, but American (or Mexican) and yummy. 

Though I have been craving sushi. Maybe I'll drum up some people for Kyoto happy hour on Thursday.

Man, there are a lot of things to do before I leave and not enough time. I'm starting to get nervous and maybe a little bit scared. This is a BIG deal.


  1. Well when you put it that way, now I'm starting to get sad that you're leaving. And that I'm so far away with no source of income to fuel a trip down there. If you had come up to DFW, maybe I could've swung down there.

  2. I wish I could put myself in a spacebag and take all the hot air out so I would fit into your suitcase; but as we found out this afternoon you are completely out of room.
    I think we did well at not having to leave too much behind that you picked out to take with.
    Enjoy yourself and I look forward to reading your blog from Taiwan.


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