Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day in Dallas

I decided that leaving the country without seeing a few of my people in Dallas would just be criminal. That and really rude.

My best friend from high school came down graduation weekend and we had a blast. But, of course, all things must end and I felt this time it ended too soon. I rarely get to see that girl and I love her to death.

Also, her parents were like a second set of parents for me in high school. I haven't seen them since Spring Break (when I came and went like the Pony Express). I decided that with as much as they put into getting me to where I am now, I owe it to them to see them before I go. 

So, I'm about to head out to Dallas. Oh, extra bonus this trip, a friend of mine has an extra ticket to the No Doubt concert. I'm trying to turn up another one so Terena can go with me. I have loved No Doubt since I was 10. Amazing!

It's going to be a quick trip though. I'm going up today, hanging out with Terena, going to the concert, hanging out some more. Then it's breakfast with my brother and his family on Sunday (and maybe a little hanging out) and then it's back to the ATX to finish moving all my junk.

So, Dallas, this will be our last hoorah for awhile now. Let's make it a good one.

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