Monday, February 27, 2012


So about once a month, I go to The PUB (Pilsner Urquell Bar) with friends, some of my old students and their friends. 

It's very multi-cultural and generally one heck of a party. 

Me and some of my favorite (former) students!
The PUB has huge wrap-around booths and each one has its own stand in the center of the table with four taps that are attached to what I believe is probably a phenomenal amount of Pilsner Urquell, one of the Czech Republic's most infamous beers.

On the top of the tap is a touch-screen computer. You select your number and start pouring your own beer. There's no waiting in line. There's no waiting for a bartender even. You can practice making the perfect pour, which I'm getting startlingly good at. 

It takes skills. (Disclaimer: That is not my arm.)
The screen shows how many liters of beer each person has had (provided you remember to select your number each time) and separates the bill for you, which is lovely. 

Some locations have actual buttons rather than a nifty touch-screen.
I think the main draw for a lot of people is that each table at the bar is sort of in competition with one another. There's a huge screen at the back of the bar that tallies how many half-liters (the equivalent of one beer) each table has had. It puts each table in order of who has had the most. It gets quite competitive. There's lots of cheering when one team pulls ahead and sometimes there's a bit of jeering. 

That's us... The winners with 44 half-liters of beer.
But if your table is too far behind when you get there (which can happen even if you arrive at 6 p.m.), you can still compete to keep the location you're at ahead of the others, as the screen also shows the tally of half-liters for every single location in Europe. (There are locations in Berlin, Munich and Vienna as well as multiple locations in Prague and other Czech cities.)

From the touch screen, you can also select songs for the music queue (we always manage to get a healthy amount of Queen in there) and order food which the waitress or bartender will deliver to you. (Remember, drinking on an empty stomach is not recommended. The PUB Burger, however, is highly recommended.)

Don't worry, for those of you who don't like beer (to whom I ask, "What are you doing in the CR?") there's a hefty selection of liquors behind the bar. (Yes, there is tequila...) You can also order those from the touch screen if you're too lazy to get up and walk to the bar.

Careful though. Not getting up between beers can be dangerous. 

The PUB is a lot of fun and it's a great excuse to get to see my old students. It's a nice way to keep in touch with some of the students I've become closer too and consider friends. It's also a fun way for them to practice their English without me really having to play teacher. 

I mean, I always spoke my best Chinese when I was drunk, sitting in the front seat of a cab, yammering away at the driver on the way home from Taipei. At least, I thought so. They seemed entertained. Nothing better than someone with loosened inhibitions speaking as much of a foreign language as possible because they simply just don't care anymore. 

I honestly think it's great. Too many times my students get so caught up in what they want to say and how exactly to say it, that they just don't. 

Reservations are recommended as it's difficult to just walk in and get a table, especially at the location in Prague 1.


  1. i miss the PUB!!!! sigh. definitely not gonna find one of those around here. :(

    can't wait to go back in years to come and reminisce. it will be like going back to your old college town. haha.

  2. This place sounds awesome -- I meant to say that a week ago when I first read this. I'm surprised it hasn't caught on here!


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