Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

After another month of blog silence (because I'm lazy and really no other reason) and now it's time for Thanksgiving. 

Turkey all prepped and ready to get in the oven.
Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite celebration of the year. It even beats my birthday. Thanksgiving is celebrated with the four Fs: Family, Friends, Food, Football. I mean really, what else do you need in life.

Pumpkin Pie - an absolute necessity. 

While I'm sad not to get to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family this year, I'm thankful for Skype. Without Skype, I think I probably would have hauled ass right back to Texas two and a half years ago when I moved to Taiwan. Skype made my transition easier because without my family, I'm lost. 

Lemon Meringue Pie

Sometimes it's tough living so far away from home, but I'm thankful for my family and how supportive they are of my dreams and goals. They know how much I love traveling and how much I want to see the world. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had and everyone who has helped me seize the day. 

Apple-Raspberry Galette
I'm thankful for the things I've seen and the places I've been. I'm thankful for all of the amazing people I have  met along the way and especially for the friends I have made. Some of the relationships I've developed over the years are lasting and even despite the distance between us.

Pear-Almond Galette
I know a lot of you are already thinking, "But Thanksgiving was two days ago, Jimmie..." 

Yeah, well, when you don't live in America you don't get to take three days off for the best holiday in the world. So we are having a belated Thanksgiving feast today. 

Brownie-Walnut Pie
After I finished work yesterday afternoon, I came home and immediately starting baking. 

So far I've made the following: 2 pumpkin pies, 1 lemon meringue pie, 1 brownie-walnut pie, 1 apple-raspberry galette, 1 pear-almond galette, 24 dinner rolls, 1 loaf of pumpkin bread (for breakfast!) and my family's signature Southern-style cornbread dressing. 

Some pumpkin bread for breakfast.
I'm actually really happy I got so much done yesterday because now all I have to do is make some super cheesy homemade macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, gravy and then baste the turkey every half-hour. 

Mmmm, so much food. 

The first time I've ever made dinner rolls and they're absolutely beautiful.
Prideful Win!

And if you're confused by the excessive amount of food, first I would like to remind you that's it's Thanksgiving and it's one of the few times of years that I hope for leftovers I can chow on for the next week. Also, I'm feeding 11 other people and myself. 

What happens when 4 Americans, 1 Czech-Americans, 2 Czechs, 2 Brits, 2 French and an Indian (from India, c'mon people) get together for a belated Thanksgiving feast in Prague. 

I dunno yet, I'll let you know after it's all over. 

— J

*P.S. Sorry about the terrible pictures, they're from my Blackberry.

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  1. My dad made pecan pie in a cast iron skillet. You should try it sometime :)


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