Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Illusions of Glamour

So people have this idea that I (and those like me) lead a super glamorous life or something. I'm not really sure where they got that idea. (Couldn't be this blog. I mean really...)


Sure, I live in Europe in the center-ish of a major capital city. I go out with my friends all the time. I'm learning (yet) a(nother) foreign language and their are lots of hot European men. But don't get me wrong, this is not a super posh life.

First of all, I'm not complaining at all

I freaking love my life and certainly would not go back and do anything differently. Well, maybe a couple of things... But the point is, the life of an English teacher abroad is not all goofy Czech-lish stories and cocktails with friends in the park. (Those are just the parts easiest to write about and most enjoyable for you readers. General rule: Hilarity ensues in the classroom and at the pub.)

Not to burst the glittery bubble you've all managed to blow up around me ('cause seriously I like it) but it's pretty much a life of poverty. I mean... it is a life of poverty. It's just a poverty that I've managed to embrace.

When I was a kid, we were kind of poor and even when I was a teenager, we were never really well-off. I always hated it 'cause kids are mean and they can sniff out the pinto beans and hand-me-downs in 10 seconds flat. 

But these days, other than the fact that I have responsibilities, I don't really mind it so much. I've finally figured out how to (mostly) live within my means and still have fun.

You figure out quickly how to prioritize things and how to take your measly monthly "salary" and make it stretch. For the first month here I ate basically nothing but instant noodles, frozen vegetables and cereal bars. This allowed me to maximize beer consumption while still paying my rent. After all, I'm in the Czech Republic - The Land of Amazing Lagers. We can justify that one under "experiencing the culture."

I've since upgraded to real food like chicken and pork and the occasional meal in an actual restaurant. Honestly though, Czech restaurants don't exactly break the bank. ($4 for more food than I eat at home in a week? I'll take it!) And beer is still nearly always cheaper than buying water and definitely always cheaper than a soda or juice. Still wholly justifiable in my book!

Alas, with summer rearing it's ugly-beautiful head, I'll be seeing more instant noodle packets in the pantry so that I can take holiday and see more of the country. 

Here's to making it to October. Luckily my mom sent me some pinto beans (which I've apparently learned to like and actually crave now?!?!) and I have plenty of rice and frozen veggies to get me through. 

Ah, such a glamorous life I lead.


  1. What's your plan after October? Great writing!

  2. Lori, thanks! I'm actually planning to stay here through next June. But I just need to make it through these tough summer months (fewer hours = low pay) and then things will be back to "normal" again.


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