Sunday, September 26, 2010

By the way... I'm in Prague

I've done a million things and yet at the same time basically nothing in the two and a half weeks I've been in the Czech Republic.

It's kind of crazy to think that I'm already halfway through with my course. I've been super busy with homework and lesson planning and getting lost in the city that I haven't really had time to stop and think much less blog about it.

 It's kind of hard to care about getting lost when you're in a city this gorgeous.

Czech-related topics I wish to explore more later:
  • Public transportation is the best thing in the world when you live in a city that does it well
  • The whole Roma-Gypsie thing (political topic that I just want to get to know more about)
  • This place is absolutely beautiful
  • Expats and how I seem to meet a Texan practically everywhere I go
  • The severe lack of Mexican (ahem, Tex-Mex) food
  • Shopping, in five different languages
  • Four seasons! (actual seasons, not a hotel)
  • Apartment hunting aka "selling yourself" (not in a prostitute way or anything)
  • Oh right, teaching

I've thought of plenty of other topics as well I just can't remember them all. For now I'll simply leave you with this little blurb.

I love this city. The people are reserved yet kind (and oh so gorgeous...). I could seriously see myself living here forever (I think I have a thing for Europe because I'm pretty sure I said something similar about London). I don't think I'll have too much trouble picking up the language especially since it's almost entirely phonetic. I can already count to 199 (I could probably get to 999) and I can do greetings so there's a start. 

Night time near Prague Castle. Can you see the ghosts?
Searching for an apartment is seriously a huge pain because there are so many other people looking for cheap apartments in the center. Every time I go to look at a place there are a trillion other people looking at it too so I have to make sure whoever already lives there thinks I'm the coolest one of the bunch. (See what I mean about selling yourself?)

It's taking some adjustments particularly with getting used to the currency since it uses the same denominations at the Taiwan New Dollar but the exchange rate is different.

I should probably get some pictures of the city in the daytime. It's just so pretty at night!
However, I'm making friends and having fun. Beer in the Czech Republic is cheaper than water. I've gotten lost a million times but I always manage to figure it out. So far it's led to me having an incredible knowledge of Prague geography given I've only been here half a month. 

Now I just need to start making Czech friends and absorbing more of the culture.

Wish me luck!

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