Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who gets the world's worst blogger award?

I know I'm the world's worst blogger.

I went to Thailand for 10 days and came back a week ago and you guys haven't heard anything about it.

To be honest, it's not my fault. Well, not entirely at least. We don't have Internet at our new apartment so I've only been getting online to check my e-mail, peruse Facebook quickly and pay my bills. You know, the necessary things in life.

Unfortunately, blogging takes a lot of time usually and I don't want to spend that much time in an Internet cafe.

For now, I'm at the dorm mooching Internet off of the extra ethernet cable that's in the living room.

The basics of Thailand:

  • I didn't know they drive on the wrong (ahem, other) side of the road there. I was totally freaked out for the first five minutes of my bus ride from the airport to Kao San Road.
  • It's weird being somewhere with a monarchy (iconic or not) especially since they put his face everywhere. You seriously can't swing a dead cat (not that I was swinging dead cats) without hitting a picture of His Royal Majesty or his lady.
  • Despite the fact that the Thai Baht and the Taiwanese NTD are equal in exchange rate, everything in Thailand seriously is so much cheaper. For instance, when the driver turns on the meter in Taiwan, it starts at 80NTD. When you ask the driver to turn on the meter in Thailand, the driver first gives you a "go to hell" look and then it starts at 35 Baht. 
  • I love the beaches. It's beautiful. I want to go back there and stay there. 
  • We did ten fun dives. I ended up not doing my advanced certification while I was there, but I don't regret it. I still learned a lot being water as much as I was. 
  • I can identify something like 30 different kinds of underwater life now.
  • I am a master at finding the Prawn-Goby —a Prawn and small fish that have an enormously strange symbiotic relationship in which the blind shrimp builds a house that it and the Goby fish live in while the Goby fish keeps a look out and shakes it tail at it if there's a predator coming. I'm so good now, I can hover over them without them knowing I'm there. It's really awesome just to watch them.
  • Waking up at 6:30 a.m. and then trying to stay up late to go out and have some fun party time is nearly impossible. I feel a little lame, but most nights we were in bed by 10 or 10:30 p.m.
  • One night I went to what they call a Castle Party. It was crazy. I stayed for maybe an hour because I lost my friends of the night almost immediately. I was a little out of my element there.
  • I have never seen so many people from so many different countries in one place in my life. I met people from all over Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I didn't meet any Americans or Canadians until the day we left when we met a Texan. I'm glad there was someone there to take our place as resident Texan of the island.
That was pretty much the vacation. We saw a lot of really amazing things in Bangkok. Lots of people tried to rip us off but virtually no one succeeded. The only bad thing was that one day some of the crew on the dive boat we were on stole some money out of my and Gwen's wallet. Of course there is no way to prove it. 

Thankfully, they only took the big bills, so I still had 20 Baht to buy a samosa when I got off the boat.  Glad they thought of me when they were rifling through my purse.

I have two more weeks left in Taiwan. 

Tonight we're going out for Kyrstie's birthday. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get a few things done. 

This coming week and the next I have a cooking camp which will add an extra 15 hours per week to my schedule. With that and trying to get everything done before I leave, I'm going to be quite busy.

I'll let you know what my plan is soon. Also, soon you'll get to see pictures of all my classes as I have to tell them goodbye. I'm honestly kind of starting to regret it because I think I'm really going to miss a lot of these kids...

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