Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where did you go (my lovely)?

I really hope the title to this post makes you think of that mid-'90s No Mercy song because it is definitely stuck in my head even though I haven't heard it in a good three years.

I am alive. This week has just been a blur.

I really don't even remember Wednesday. I just remember getting really angry with my new co-teacher. This is only the second week I've had this class but the kids are terrible. They're in early yellow book meaning they've been learning English for about four or five years. But their English is so bad in both pronunciation and comprehension.

That and they're obstinate.

They speak Chinese the entire class and the co-teacher doesn't do anything about it. Now and then she'll say something (after I already have) but then she just laughs whenever they speak Chinese again. That's not exactly what I would call formidable.

My chances at getting a whole-English environment in that class are slim. I wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't literally constant. Even when they're writing definitions or highlighting words they're talking across the room in Chinese.

It's awkward because I have no idea what they're saying. It's unlikely they're saying anything bad about me (they don't have the guts, honestly) but you never know.

I gave a test in my Thursday Wow class. This is the first of what will be at least one test every week until my vacation.

Tests are easily the easiest day ever for a teacher. I actually suffered from a migraine the entire day and just slept until my class. I would have called in if it had been anything else, but tests are so low-key. It's you in your own little classroom with one kid at a time speaking as quietly as they possibly can because they don't want to be heard.

I also have a new favorite student in that class.

I know you shouldn't have favorites, but it's so hard not to. She's smart. If she doesn't know the word she's looking for she'll try to explain it in English. She will talk to me about just about anything.

It's really nice when you can just have a conversation with a kid because then you know that someday most of these kids really will be able to speak English. I may not be around for that day with some of them but it's still helpful.

Thursday night after class some people came over. I intended to just sit around in my room but I would have felt bad for neglecting company instead I came out and hung out with everyone. Somehow this turned into six of us going to the beach in the middle of the night.

We went to JuWei (I think that's what it's called...) and we climbed on top of this old war bunker. At least we're pretty sure that's what it was. Then we danced around in the ocean. Sometimes I forget how much I love the ocean.

Even in the middle of the night (under a full moon I might add) it was incredible. The waves were rolling and crashing, the sand felt amazing under my feet and there were a ton of these super smooth rocks that had been shaped by the water erosion.

Of course there were also some not so smooth rocks and most of us ended up with cuts all over the bottom of our feet. I'm still kind of hobbling around but there's nothing to be worried about.

Friday was relatively uneventful. I got to teach a little kids class and we just played tons and tons of games. It's sickening how much energy you need for those classes but they're so cute that it's easy to just want to play games with them.

Today is my Daddy's birthday. Happy birthday, Dad!

It's also the first Saturday in September. In the states today would be the first University of Texas football game of the season. I'm super pumped but I realized that because the game is a night game in the states, my football day isn't until bright and early Sunday morning.

Looks like I'll be waking up at 7 a.m. tomorrow so I can listen to UT beat La. - Monroe to a pulp.

Hook 'em Horns.

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  1. Okay - I apologize for the extremely selfish post but I'm in Taiwan on business and would love to find a place that I can watch the UF vs Tenn. game this weekend. Any suggestions on restaurants or other venues that televise college football would be appreciated.
    Go Gators!


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