Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Which season do you like best?

Today was relatively uneventful. I had originally planned to wake up; make poached eggs, bacon and toast; and do some leisurely reading. Instead I had a really bad headache and ended up sleeping halfway through the afternoon trying to get rid of it in time for class.


I borrowed another teacher's scooter since she was teaching here today and I drove super fast to Dar-Nan. I subbed my first class. They're yellow book and still trying to feel my out. Most of them were super respectful and smart. They just need to dial up the fun factor. We'll see how next week goes when I see them again.

I was really pumped for my second class which was my regular red book class that is huge. We have 23 kids in that class and 3 were out on vacation today. We played a lot and I was being super goofy when I was explaining vocabulary words. I love being goofy with kids.

All my boys are starting to warm up to me more in that class too, so we're able to goof off just enough. This one kid, Kevin, is really smart and I think his English is probably at a higher level. Our QA today was, "What is your favorite season? Why?"

Kevin: "I don't like any seasons because there is not fun."
Me: "Kevin, I don't mind that you want to be obstinate, but you're going to do it using proper English. Write 'I don't like any of the seasons because they are not fun.'"

He seemed pretty shocked that I didn't make him change it to the standard, "I like ____ best because ______." (i.e. I like Spring best because there are lots of flowers.)

I honestly hate that we teach these kids so much formatted speech. The QAs are called "Free-talk Questions," but they're everything but "free."

After I got home I satisfied my craving for some amazing pasta. I found cheese ravioli at Carrefour and bought some pasta sauce and made up some quick pasta just as if I were at home. I miss that!

I can't wait 'til it starts to cool off a little. Then I'm going to be all over that kitchen cooking and baking in my free time. It's going to rock everyone else's world!

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